Listen Speak & Learn Twi


Access Listen Speak & Learn (Akan Twi) Volume #1 & #2. Our world renowned language resources, have taughts thousands and assisted adults and children a like from absolute beginner to immediate, get to grips with the fundamentals of the Akan Twi language. Whether you’re teaching your children a language of the continent, moving to Ghana to live, or coming for just a holiday. Volume #1 is a great place to start, with Volume #2 taking you steps foward. Access is granted via a subscription giving you unlimited personal access to the products via internet streaming.

What You Get


Natural development method to learning language.


Suitable for learners familiar with the absolute basics of Twi.


Watch and learn at your leisure and convenience.


Incorporates listening, oral and verbal techniques


Designed to stimulate and assist in the effective learning of the Twi language.


Over 75 constructive sentence examples.


Access to the D.A. support team.


Complete with keywords phrases, narrations, songs and tests.

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Learn To Count In Twi

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Learn Twi Alphabets

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Twi Songs

Listen Speak & Learn Volume #1 & #2 (Akan) Twi

Listen Speak & Learn Volume #1 (Akan) Twi

Listen Speak & Learn Volume #2 (Akan) Twi