Sankofa Kreatives – Empowerment Programme [5-11 Years] (e-Ananse, E. Legon, Accra)

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Sankofa Kreatives Empowerment Programme (90mins)

Is the place for your budding leaders to grasp the foundational skills required to be the learners of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Starting with cultural appreciation, public speaking, critical thinking, confidence building, teamwork & collaboration, games, fun and learning about the African continent all under one roof…

During these renowned sessions your child alongside you the parent/guardian will go on a journey of discovery which encapsulates all the senses as they go on a voyage of discovery.

Through exploration and developing impactful traits, once established from within it will set them apart!

Description: Sankofa Kreatives Empowerment Programme Workshops 5-11 years (90mins) 

Saturdays weekly sessions consist of:

  • Language Time (Twi and English)
  • Dance & Creativity time
  • Country Fact files
  • Games and Dance
  • Advocacy theme
  • Leadership training and much more.

Space are limited.

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Location: e-Ananse Library, Cotouno St, East Legon, Accra, Ghana

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Commencing: Saturday 13th November 2024, weekly

Purchasing this ticket, to secure your child's place for this game changingand exclusive programme.

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