Sankofa Kubs – Developmental Playgroup [0-5years] (e-Ananse, E. Legon, Accra)

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Sankofa Kubs Developmental Playgroup (60mins)

Is the place for your little one to start and develop their social, developmental, sensory, cultural and language skills all under one roof…

During these renowned sessions your child alongside you the parent or guardian will go on a journey of discovery which encapsulates all the senses.

Setting the child off in the right direction to communicate in no time!
Collaboration and teamwork skills.

Description: Sankofa Kubs Developmental Workshops 0-5 years (60mins) 

Wednesday weekly sessions consist of:

  • Language Time
  • Rhyme Time – in Twi and English
  • African Story time
  • Games and Dance
  • Reading & more.

Space are limited, BOOK TODAY. 5% Discount when purchased from the Destination/Afro Parenting Village Africa website.

Location: e-Ananse Library, Cotouno St, East Legon, Accra, Ghana

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Commencing: 1st November 2023, every Wednesday

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Dates & No. of Children

x1 Child – Wed 8th Nov 23, x1 Child – Wed 15th Nov 23, x1 Child – Wed 22nd Nov 23, x1 Child – Wed 29th Nov 23, x1 Child – Wed 6th Dec 23