Afro Parenting Village is moving to Facebook


Thge Afro Parenting Village a loving, warm, supportive and innovative community space created by Destination Africa earlier this year has grown to an size of over 630+ members since it’s inception earlier this year. We have outgrown teh shoebox of Whatsapp and ready to provide more support and to fully estabilish this community on Facebook.

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A comprehensive beginners guide into grasping the basics, then moving into conversational skills of the Twi language.
Setting you off in the right direction to communicate in no time!
Learning the fundamentals of the language.
Unique immersion styles and techniques.

If you’ve been waiting for something like this to take you to the next level
WAIT NO MORE… tap into the language which is the gateway to the culture.

Destination Africa Academy LAUNCH REPLAY ▶️

The Destination Africa Academy is LIVE.

Read the following press release to find out more about this gamechanging Academy and community.

Destination Africa has officially launched its anticipated online academy. Since 2016, the organisation has been running children and parent empowerment programmes.
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Afro Parenting Village In the News

Destination Africa’s s their inaugral Family Meet & Outdoor Movie Night Sat 11th Feb 2023.

This was the highlight and initial meeting of tthis like-minded community space in Accra Ghana and was a exciting success.

Watch the TV coverage from GHOne Tv.

Afro Parenting Village - Family Meet & Outdoor Movie Night

THE EVENT WAS EVERYTHING EXPECTED & MORE… We had a packed house and the first social gathering of the Afro Parenting Village was a true success.


Countdown to Afro Parenting Channel begins!

The Afro Parenting series is well under way on the Destination Africa  Group TV YouTube channel ! 

Destination Africa will be fusing it’s passion of inspiring the learners of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. We’ll be opening a new chapter focussing on parental matters and how to raise your children to be the best they can be from a Afro perspective. This impactful Afro parenting channel will change the game. with conversations, opinions, reactions and digital resources guanranteed to impact your parenting.

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Destination Africa’s much loved flags game have evolved and is available for all to enjoy in the comfort of their homes, gardens, parks and places of fun. An excellent way to learn about the African continent.

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D.A. Children's Showcase & KIDpreneurial Fair

Destination Africa’s maiden Showcase & KIDpreneurial fair was a massive success!

On Saturday 11th December 2021, we had a mind-blowing showcase where some of the brightest and most talented children will be entertaining their audience with our culture, language, heritage & history.

Listen Speak & Learn

Language is the gateway to every culture, At Destination Africa we have language learning resources to aide in speech development, Akan Twi language, confidence and more.

Destination Group Africa TV

Destination Africa Group TV was created to showcase inspiring content ranging from parenting, African proverbs, comedy, and life on the contintent of Africa in Ghana. Join the village and if you haven’t already done so subscribe.

What We Do

Children’s Empowerment Programme

Destination Africa designs powerful termly adventures and projects for children and teens..

Listen Speak & Learn Programme

This is a language resource that progressively takes the student from basic to advanced through…

Evolution of our Tribe

Every Friday night, Evolution Of Our Tribe has Youtube live open forums of discussions on all things concerning parenting and relationships…

Modern African Legends YouTube channel

This groundbreaking channel highlights illustrious, prominent and influential Africans impacting…

Speaking Engagements

We deliver and offer speaking engagements as panelists to media platforms and events to connect with the extended community to build trust…


One to one consultations are available on all our services. Whether you’re considering: moving to Ghana,Speaking Twi…

Available Resources

Educational Resources

We have a wide selection of educational resources ranging from bite size Destination Africa classes available online,

  • Registration Forms (Upcoming classes).
  • Ghanaian flashcards
  • Proverbs
  • Affirmations
  • Financial literacy
  • African geography
  • Entrepreneurial ideas etc.

Parental Resources

We have a wide selection of educational resources ranging from bite size Destination Africa classes available online,

  • Chore Charts
  • Reward Charts
  • Discipline charts
  • Budgeting Sheets
  • Family ideas
  • Confidence building charts
  • Saving Charts etc.

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T-Shirts - (Patience, Unity & Respect)

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