What we do

Children’s Empowerment Programme:

Destination Africa designs powerful termly adventures and projects for children and teens to create, explore, problem-solve, collaborate and impact the world they live in. Blending African language, culture, history, critical thinking, public speaking, proverbs, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and cooking, our workshops are holistic, challenging and fun! We understand that children are learners of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Our passion is to inspire the next generation with the life skills needed to become the next leaders, in a modern and exciting way.

For our Saturday sessions the term commences 8th January 2021. For our ONLINE term (via Zoom) we commence Wednesday 12th January 2022. The final few spaces are still available… but not for much longer.  


Listen Speak & Learn

This is a language resource that progressively takes the student from basic to advanced through:

  • Natural development method to learning
  • Incorporates listening, oral, and verbal techniques
  • Designed to stimulate and assist in the effective learning of the Twi language
  • Over 75 constructive sentence examples
  • Suitable for learners of all standards from absolute beginner to advanced speakers

Modern African Legends YouTube channel

This groundbreaking channel highlights illustrious, prominent and influential Africans impacting the globe. The series of interviews is aimed at inspiring a deeper insight into what’s required to positively impact the next generation of African youth.

In these interviews, we discover their journeys, experiences, tips and their outlook on building a better tomorrow! Combining their childhood, struggles, achievements, laughter and quizzes, there is something in these interviews for everyone.

Evolution of our Tribe

Every Friday night, Evolution Of Our Tribe has Youtube live open forums of discussions on all things concerning parenting and relationships. This has been created for the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the community.

We present this educational platform featuring interviews, self improvement segments, solution finding, strategising and philanthropic acts to raise the level of awareness of what we can achieve individually and as a collective. Each week, listeners have the opportunity to discover, advise, engage and make friends.

Speaking Engagements

We deliver and offer Speaking engagements to provide an opportunity to connect with the extended community to build trust and rapport. This is a proven way to establish a true understanding of objectives, strategies, and developments that can be applied personally, in families and other organisations to further enhance the community.

Most of our in-person speaking engagements also provide and welcome allocated opportunities for attendees to network and support each other’s businesses.


One to one consultations are available on all our services. Whether you’re considering:

  • Moving to Ghana
  • Speaking Twi
  • Educational Resources
  • Homeschooling